Hydrating Natural Hair

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Hydration is defined as the process of causing something to absorb water. Our bodies require adequate hydration to function properly. A hydrated body is beneficial for our natural hair and skin. Hydration improves your hair’s ability to retain enough water content to prevents dryness. Hydration also leaves you with a strong, and healthy scalp.

How to hydrate hair?

Water is your friend. Especially if you have 4c or low porosity hair. The term low porosity means that your hair doesn’t easily allow moisture to be absorbed into your hair shaft. Using hair products that penetrate the hair shaft will improve your natural hair’s ability to hold and retain moisture.

Hydrating your hair starts with wash day. A good pre-poo routine is a must. Follow up the pre-poo with a solid wash day routine using a shampoo that cleans your hair without stripping it of its natural oils. In addition, conditioning your hair with a conditioner containing healthy ingredients is also essential. After the wash, I use water and a leave-in conditioner to moisturize my natural hair and lock in the hydration. You can also use water and oil. The combination of oil and water will keep hair hydrated and nourished. You can apply water and oil daily or when needed.

Steps to hydration


Hydration delivers much-needed moisture to your natural hair, helps dry hair to recover, reduces hair breakage, and defines your curls.


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