10 Natural Hair Products to Take on Vacation

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The most stressful thing for me while packing my bags for my travel is trying to narrow down natural hair care products and tools that I need for my daily routine. Finding natural hair products on the road can be a challenging task. Traveling prepared is a must if you want those hydrated bouncing curls on your vacation. For my vacations, I always keep my hairstyles simple. For instance, A protective styletwist-out, or low bun/ponytail always does it for me. Below are tips for natural hair items to take on your vacation.

1. Shampoo and Conditioner

Wash day is important no matter where you are or planning to travel to. Your hair care routine doesn’t have to take a break just because you are on vacation.

As you know for us naturalistas, the hotel shampoos and conditioners are generally not made for our hair textures. Be sure to pack your favorite shampoo and conditioner if your plans involve swimming. You can always bring your products in smaller travel-size bottles if the containers are too large for air travel.

2. Hair Drying Tee

I’m not a fan of using towels to dry my hair because using a towel can leave your hair frizzy and disrupt your natural curl pattern. That’s why I always travel with my hair-drying tee. If you don’t have one, you can always use a cotton t-shirt to dry your hair.

3. Leave-in Conditioner

A Leave-in conditioner is great to travel with because it’s a quick and easy way to provide your natural hair with the extra moisture it needs. This layer of protection prevents damage and helps with the detangling process.

4. Hair Styler

I always pack my favorite hair styling cream or gel just in case I need to change my hairstyle. It can be hard to find products that you are used to in certain locations so it’s best to travel with a styling cream or gel that you know works for you.

5. Spray Bottle

A travel-size spray bottle is a lifesaver. You can easily re-moisturize your natural hair by simply spritzing it with water or mix water with some of your favorite products.

6. Hair Moisturizer (oil or cream)

Avocado oil is a great moisturizer for your hair. Avocado oil will penetrate the hair shaft and moisturize your hair as well as strengthen the hair shaft and prevent breakage. Did I mention it makes the perfect body moisturizer too?.

7. Wide Tooth Comb

We cannot forget about the wide-tooth comb. This little tool makes life so much easier. You can detangle your hair in half the time it would take you to finger detangle and prevent breakage.

8. Bristle Brush

A brush is always needed if you want to change your hairstyle for a sleek style like the high puff or low bun.

9. Portable Bonnet Dryer

Portable bonnet dryers are great for a deep conditioning treatment, rollers, and helps dry twists or braids. You can get those well-defined curls for your perfect vacation pictures.

10. Satin Bonnet or Silk Scarf

Wearing a satin bonnet or silk scarf while you sleep at night preserves your natural hairstyle or your curls. Bonnets and scarves retain moisture in your hair, reduce the amount of frizz you wake up with, and help prevent split ends. You can enjoy your vacation without stressing about dry hair.


Take these tips with you on your next vacation. What products do you make sure to bring when you travel?

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