What You Should Know Before Coloring Your Hair

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As versatile as natural hair is, sometimes we get bored and want to spice up our look with a pop of color, so here’s what you should know before coloring your hair. You’ve taken a bold step once you decide to color your hair. While jumping into the pool of hair colors sounds fun, you may want to test the waters first.

Consider Your Skin Tone

You should note that certain colors will look different on different skin tones. A pink ponytail may look great on Nicki Minaj but not so great on you. It’s not because you’re not as pretty as Nicki. It’s simply because that pink color may not be complementary to your lovely skin tone. So, choose a hair color that compliments your skin tone.

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Evaluate The Cost

Coloring your hair comes with its unique responsibilities and costs. You may need to enlist the services of a professional hair colorist which can be expensive. In addition to your general hair care regimen, you may need to redo your roots as often as new growth appears or when the color fades. You should be sure you’re prepared for the extra costs.

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Moisturize Before Coloring

Moisturized hair provides a good base for hair color application. The hair cuticle is plumped up and ready to receive the color. It is important to continue moisturizing your hair after applying color to keep your natural hair healthy and retain the color.

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You Might Not Get the Desired Color on Your Try

It’s a sad but universal truth. Your hair will not magically switch from dark brown to a beautiful bright blonde on your first application of blonde hair color. The hair has to go through all of its underlying tones before it reaches the desired level. You may need a series of dye touch-ups to achieve the actual shade of color you want.

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