The Big Chop

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What is the big chop?

The big chop is the process of cutting off all relaxed or damaged hair and keeping hair that is the natural texture that you were born with.

If you are thinking about the big chop or transitioning, you should first do some research about natural hair. By doing so, you’ll save time, money, and energy. Natural hair products can be expensive and using the right products for your hair type or texture can make your transition easier and save you money.

Here are some tips to guide you on your natural hair journey:

Do it when you are ready

Don’t let anyone pressure you into doing the big chop. You should do it when you are ready. This decision can be a bigger deal than some realize and it should be your decision to make when you are comfortable and ready.

Know your hair type

Being knowledgeable about your hair type is a good start to knowing how to take care of your natural hair. Cutting off your hair may take you out of your comfort zone but it is also a chance for you to experiment with new products and try out new hairstyles. Embracing your natural hair is very empowering and will help you to build confidence.

Focus on health

After the big chop, your main focus should be the health of your hair. Be patient and use the right products to strengthen and hydrate your hair. Having a healthy scalp will definitely help your hair grow.


It is often assumed that you have to go super short with the big chop. That is not always the case. The big chop will remove the relaxed and damaged hair and retain healthy hair. That could mean keeping some undamaged inches of hair near the root. Super short cuts are low maintenance but there are other options and you should find a style that suits you. See our post on protective hairstyles.

Wash day routine

Don’t skip wash day! Develop a routine wash day for your natural hair that promotes a healthy scalp and enables growth. See our post on wash day.


Going through the big chop can take a lot out of you. Making connections can make your journey a lot easier. Do not hesitate to ask for help, participate in the comment section of the website or connect on Instagram and Facebook and we’ll be happy to answer all your questions.

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