Natural Hair Shrinkage

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Many of us with naturally curly hair, especially those with 4c hair types, have experienced shrinkage. If you have low porosity hair, you know the feeling of shrinkage. Low porosity hair type has cuticles that are tightly packed together, which prevents moisture from penetrating the hair shaft. To learn more about the type of hair porosity, check out our post on hair porosity.

What is natural hair shrinkage?

Shrinkage is when your hair appears shorter than what it actually is. Shrinkage usually happens during wash day or if you live in an area with high humidity. The amount of shrinkage also depends on your hair type and porosity. Shrinkage may seem weird and you might be wondering if it’s healthy for your natural hair. Don’t panic, shrinkage is completely normal. It assures you that your curls are healthy and properly moisturized. It’s a beautiful characteristic of our natural hair.

Embracing your shrinkage

Embracing your shrinkage means that you can love your natural hair as it is and you’re not constantly using heat to straighten it because you hate the length. There are so many different techniques out there to help you retain length. Instead of fighting it, learn to embrace your healthy curls.

No matter how healthy your natural hair is, there will always be some level of shrinkage. The idea that beautiful hair has to be long hair will interfere with your haircare journey.

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