Dry Scalp Treatments for Natural Hair

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What is Dry Scalp?

A dry scalp is a condition that occurs when the skin on the scalp doesn’t produce enough natural oil to keep your scalp moisturized. Dry scalp symptoms are itching, flaking, and irritation.

Dry Scalp vs Dandruff: Know the difference

Dandruff and dry scalp have the same primary symptoms, like the itchy and flaky scalp, but they are not the same.

A dry scalp condition occurs when your scalp isn’t generating enough moisture, which can make the skin feel irritated and flaky.

Dandruff causes the scalp to be flaky, and it may be noticeable in the hair or on clothing. Too much oil on the scalp causes the skin cells to build up and then shed. To learn more about the differences between dry scalp and dandruff, check out this article at the Medical News Today.

What causes Dry Scalp and How to Prevent it?

Dry scalp can happen for many reasons such as using the wrong hair products, product build-up, changes in the weather, diet, chemical treatments, and more. Here are some tips on how you can prevent dry scalp:

Haircare Regimen
  • Wash your hair once a week.
  • Use sulfate-free moisturizing/clarifying shampoos to prevent the natural oils from stripping.
  • Talk to a healthcare professional. Sometimes a medicated shampoo becomes a necessity to fight dryness/dandruff.
  • Use a conditioner every time after shampoo to conceal moisture and protect your hair from dryness
  • Keep your hands out of your hair, try to avoid scratching your scalp. It can cause bleeding and hair loss
  • Aloe vera hair mask is a great treatment for dry scalp, and dandruff. After coating your hair with aloe vera gel, allow it to sit for 30 minutes or more, then rinse it and follow by applying a moisturizing shampoo.
  • Apple cider vinegar is an exceptional natural hair treatment because its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties help to create a hostile environment for fungus, bacteria, or yeast that cause dandruff.


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