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This week I am reviewing Mielle Organics Mango & Tulsi Botanical Blend line!

I was so excited to get this line. I went to @ulta a few days after it dropped.

Let’s get into my review:

Nourishing Shampoo – This shampoo is nourishing just as it says. It almost made my hair feel silky, I’m impressed. The smell is amazing! My hair wasn’t stripped at all and I did two washes. 

Nourishing Conditioner – This conditioner was good! I was able to finger detangle upon applying it to my strands. Smells amazing also. The consistency isn’t that thick but it does the job. I do wish there was a nice thick deep conditioner or mask in this line because I love them so much haha. But this conditioner is very good and I used it as a deep conditioner. 

Nourishing Leave-in Conditioner – This leave-in was good also. My hair drank it right up. It doesn’t have as much slip as I thought it would but it’s still good. Smells yummy like the others too. 

Nourishing Whipping Cream – This gave me the slip I was looking for in a moisturizer. It’s really good, the texture is thick but not too thick. Smells yummy as well. 

Nourishing Instant 3-in-1 Serum – I’m not sure how to rate this. I used 2 drops or tried to. I had to scoop some off of the nozzle as none would squeeze into it. I just rubbed it on my hair after the whipping cream once I twisted my hair since it said it seals. 

Overall, the products were worth me going to Ulta to get them. I say give them a go!

There is also a gel but they ran out when I got there so I wasn’t able to get it. 

Thank you @mielleorganics for these great products right in time for summer!

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