Curls Unleashed Color Blast Temporary Hair Makeup

Have you been considering adding some color to your curls? Well, curls unleashed color blast has a lot of options to choose from.

If you are trying to figure out which color suits you or want something temporary, curls unleashed color blast is for you. I love this product! It is very easy to apply to your hair but I would recommend wearing an old shirt or one of our wash-day tees while you are waiting for your hair to dry. Apply the hair paint wax to wet/damp hair. Applying to dry hair results in flakes. Use more wax to achieve a more vibrant color. It is wax, so it holds the curls very well and you won’t have the need for gel. If your hair is not fully dry or if your hair gets wet, the hair paint wax does transfer to your clothes, so be aware of that. The stains do wash out so I highly recommend this product! It will give you great definition and enhance your wash n go.

Curls Unleash Color Blast

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